All of our products are designed to take the humdrum boredom out of your workout.

Welcome to BODY BE GOOD bringing new and exciting workout videos to those of you who have had enough of the same old stuff. Our goal is to deliver the best in fitness workouts, production quality, creativity, safety along with multi-level intensity, and most of all FUN

If your time is limited and you want to get a mix of cardio and strength for the day, this workout is for you. Using appropriate intensities with tubes,weights or body bar you can get a basic workout without fancy moves or super speed. A Pilates based abdominal and back session is added as a bonus at the end. 40 minutes of cardio /strength intervals and 10 minutes of Pilates floorwork.


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Exciting, driving rhythms with a Caribbean flair designed to bring joy to the movement.  If you want a change and have a sense of adventure, challenge yourself with African dance on the step.  Choreographic style makes your muscles move in new ways.



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This is A high intensity cardiovascular workout, using traditional African dance movement from various cultures. go barefoot or wear sneakers. You'll sweat and smile at the same time, feeling a surge of energy as the drummer encourages you to keep going! The video includes A warm up, cool down and a small upper body strengthening segment at the end of the workout.


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Get Both Videos on one DVD


African Dance Workout &

3 Flavors DVD




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A performance based dance from West Africa molded into a cardiovascular workout for your pleasure, sweat and entertainment. Learn all the moves then put them together to perform for yourself. This 55 minute workout offers a faster version of the finished dance for those who want a greater challenge. A small abdominal session is included at the end to target waistline muscles.


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Broaden your "range of motion" and style with this fun video where African, Latin, and Hip-Hop are featured as three twenty-minute dance routines to challenge your mind and body. Try them one at a time or string them together for an increased cardiovascular workout. A warm up in the beginning and cool down at the end are included.


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The Afro-Caribbean step Master Class / Workshop

is designed to blend fitness with an exciting style while introducing a new culture. Through individual creativity, this class may combine choreography to fit an aerobic as well as a step/bench workout. Any instructor taking this workshop should be able to take away a few extra moves or approaches to movement, perhaps revitalizing parts of his or her classes.


In the workshop, the participants are taken through general movements from African dance classes on the floor and then transferred to the step. The flow and feel of each movement is broken down. Handouts on language translation plus a descriptive list identifying the specific choreographed movements are provided.


The master class is continuous and aerobic without too much emphasis on movement breakdown. Focus is placed on cardiovascular goals and controlled movements that effect various under used parts of the body.


Since there are two different workouts (step and aerobic), there are two corresponding master classes. Both classes consist of African style movement used in either floor or step combinations. Call and response inherent to African culture is often incorporated into vocal articulation and movement. Each class uses live percussion music, which provides a foundational driving force as each participant is led through an exercise, which increases mind - body coordination. This exercise asks for "echoed" behavior while the mind and eye prepares for the next movement to be "echoed" (instructor and participant are never on the same movement).


The excitement of the music and energy of movement immerse the participant into dance and inadvertently, cardiovascular goals are met.




Body Be Good is a company based in Hackensack, New Jersey focusing on multicultural fitness audio and videotapes. We are interested in providing "different" music for aerobic classes. The original idea was to use various cultural flavors for entire audio tapes that could also be used for modern dance class instruction.


Gene Bono, the composer and producer of all the music uses electronic drums and a variety of sound modules with a digital audio workstation to create the multi-ethnic sounds. Mr. Bono comes from a rock and jazz musical background with classical training on keyboards. He holds a degree in electrical engineering and designs temperature control systems. In addition, he has created a library of composition segments useful for multimedia, dance, and soundtracks.


Debra Bono, coming from a modern dance and music background was interested in making fitness more fun and motivating for other dancers like herself. Debra wanted structure, but enough stylized movement to make one forget it was exercise to improve cardiovascular function. The first video evolved from a weekly class at Feminine Fitness Health Club in Hackensack called Afro-Brazilian Step (also called Afro-Caribbean Step).


Debra Hayes-Bono graduated from New York's High School for Performing Arts. She has taught modern, jazz and African dance for many years. She is the founder and former director of the Debra E. Hayes Dance Company which toured and performed for 6 years.


Our continued goals at Body Be Good are to expand choices in exercise videos and music formats to inspire people whose routines have become stagnant, to find joy again in movement.


The Afro-Caribbean Step class is now on the weekly schedule at  HackensackUMC Fitness & Wellness Powered by the Giants, 87 Route 17 North, Maywood, NJ each Tuesday at 7:30 pm and Thursday at 7:00 pm.



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